Jul 21, 2006

Zidane & Materazzi punished!

Did you know that Fifa has just punished Zidane for this headbutt attack on Materazzi?. Yes, it's all over the news. Zidane was banned by FIFA for three games for attacking Marco Materazzi in the World Cup final game. He was also fined US$ 6,000. But everybody knows that Zidane has already retired from Soccer, so how this punishement will be executed? ......how is he going to miss his next 3 games?. Well, they figured that since he is already retired, Zidane will serve his punishment by doing community work or something like that.
Fifa also suspended Materazzi for two matches and fined him us$4,000 after a disciplinary committee heard Zidane's account of the provocation that led to the incident. As for Materazzi, he will miss his next 2 matches, I guess the next matches for Italy are in the upcoming Eurocope qualifying games in a couple of months.
I also heard that French soccer federation was satisified with this verdict, since Materazzi was also punished. This "headbutt" definitely has been really famous, and I guess it will become legendary and many of us will remember for several years. I'm sure many soccer fans will remember Zidane for being a great player, World Champion 1998 and many more victories, definitely one of the greatest players of all times. But I also believe that we will remember him for his headbutt on Materazzi..........soccer fans won't forget this famous "play"

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