Jul 17, 2006

History of Ronaldinho with Brazil national team

Ronaldinho debuted for the Brazilian national team on June 26, 1999 against Latvia, which is a country located in north-eastern Europe. In his first tournament participation he scored against Venezuela in the 1999 Copa America, a game that the Brazilian team won.
Ronaldinho played a part in Brazil's successful campaign to win the World Cup 2002 in Korea-Japan, forming the famed "3 R's" with Ronaldo and Rivaldo. One of the highlights of the tournament was a 35-meter free kick he scored against England in the quarter-finals game.....do you remember that goal?. It was a great goal, I don't know if he was lucky or he was really looking for that goal, it was great anyway. He was sent off soon after for a foul on an English player. Following the sending-off, he was suspended for the semifinal, but returned to Brazil's starting line-up for the 2-0 victory over Germany in the final.
On June 2005, he played a pivotal role as the captain of the Brazilian squad that won its second FIFA Confederations Cup title, and was named Man of the Match in a 4–1 victory over Argentina in the final.
In the recent 2006 World Cup, Ronaldinho was a starting player for all of Brazil's five matches, but his performances were considered disappointing by both fans and commentators. He scored no goals and made only one assist (for Gilberto's goal in a 4-1 victory over Japan). When Brazil was eliminated by France 1-0 in the quarterfinal, he failed to make an impression.
Immediately after the World Cup disappointment, the team was criticized by many Brazilians, and vandals immolated and destroyed a 7.5-meter (23-foot) tall statue of Ronaldinho in a Brazilian city. The statue had been erected in 2004 to celebrate his first election as FIFA World Player of the Year.
Two days after the loss, Ronaldinho, joined by Adriano, returned to Barcelona and held a party at his home, which was continued into the early morning hours at a nightclub. This increased the feeling of Brazilian fans that they were betrayed by the lack of effort from their national team. This reaction contrasted with other players such as Rogerio Ceni, who was ashamed of the game and said "some defeats are marked by struggle, but we lost in an infelicitous way, that wasn't what we had hoped for" and Zé Roberto, who cried and said that "the unity that we had outside the pitch, lacked inside it".

As you can see, Ronaldinho has had some good and bad times with the Brazilian team. This World Cup 2006 was not good for him, but maybe he can make it in the next one in SouthAfrica 2010...........what do you think?


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