Jul 26, 2006

Ronaldinho's girlfriend speaks out!

I heard in the news that Ronaldinho's girlfriend has just made some confessions about "things" she did with him during the World Cup. It seems that she distracted him many nights in the hotel, took a lot of time from him during long nights, and not necessarily talking or discussing soccer tactics. They were making some kind of physical activities that required an exhausting effort from Ronaldinho.

This happened not only one night but several nights. No wonder why Ronaldinho didn't show his famous skills at the soccer fields during the World Cup matches, he was very tired, he was not sleeping well. By the time of every soccer game in the World Cup, he was already tired before the beginning of every game.

Did you know that this Ronaldinho's girlfriend is a french woman?. Yes, she seems to be a famous super model, her name is Alexandra Paressant. They even say that the night before Brazil-France game (let's remember this was the final game for Brazil, they were beaten by France in quarterfinals), she took every possible physical effort from Ronaldinho in the Hotel room. That night they barely got to sleep, they were busy all night. I guess she was being patriotic with her country (France), she was working out this unknown tactic to weaken a key player from the rival team. By the time of the game next day, French soccer players didn't have to work that hard on Ronaldinho, he had a sleepless night and was exhausted.

That's why Ronaldinho didn't perform as expected in the World Cup. By the way, this "unknown physical activities" were not revealed, I guess the world will never know what they were, it's a mistery, it's all left to the imagination. Maybe in the future Alexandra will explain with more details.

If you want to read more about these confessions and what she literally said, you can read the following which I've extracted from a news article....

Brazilian football ace Ronaldinho broke the curfew rules imposed on the national team during the World Cup 2006 to have sexual romps with his French girlfriend Alexandra Paressant.

According to The Sun, Ronaldinho visited Alex almost every night at her hotel during the World Cup, made love to her, and then played the World Cup on Playstation, missing out on much needed rest and recuperation.

Alexandra said: “The Brazilian coach had banned WAGS from the team’s hotel but we couldn’t bear to be apart. So, nearly every night he would come to my hotel room and we would make love all night. Sometimes we didn’t even make it into the room, we would make love there and then in the corridor. We are mad for each other."

Describing the football star as a very passionate person, Alex said: “He is as much a performer in the bedroom as he is on the football pitch."

“One night he made me scream with such pleasure, the people on the hotel terrace below heard us because my window was open,” she added.

Recalling her first meeting with Ronaldinho, Alex said that at first she thought he was a playboy like any other football star, but she later found out that he was a caring and sensitive individual.

“He is very cute, very polite. He treats me like a lady. He likes to take me for romantic meals and buy me little presents. We spend all our time together when we can. We spend a lot of time making love, a lot of time in the bedroom. He is the best lover I have ever had. I love him. I love him,” she said.


  1. I wish i could meet my hero,i understand hs emotiöns.why would any1 put love life in public.

  2. Anonymous2:41 PM

    i totally get you and i feel the same way. why should everyone know everything about ur life?

  3. I wish i could meet my hero,i understand hs emotiöns.why would any1 put love life in public.
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