Jul 18, 2006

Barcelona FC rivalry with Real Madrid

This rivalry is historical, it comes a long way from last century. There is often a fierce rivalry between the two strongest teams in a national league and this is particularly the case in Spain, between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. From the start the clubs were seen as representatives of the two rival regions of Spain, Catalonia and Castile, as well as the two cities themselves. However the rivalry reached a new level during the Franco years when Real Madrid was considered to be the "regime team" while FC Barcelona was regarded as the team of the opposition.
Although following the Spanish Civil War Real Madrid received considerable institutional assistance from the Franco regime, as he saw the club as the sporting embodiment of the Spain he wanted to create, during the war itself members of both clubs suffered at the hands of Franco supporters. The rivalry with Real Madrid intensified further after the 1943 Copa del Generalísimo semi-final between the two clubs. The first leg ended in a 3-0 victory to Barça, but the return leg saw them defeated 11-1. It has been alleged by some that the FC Barcelona players were pressured into losing the game and even Pineyro resigned in protest. The rivalry with Real also surfaced again in the 1950s after the dispute over Alfredo Di Stefano.

Really interesting facts...........aren't they?. Up to now, every time there is a match between these 2 teams, it is a real clasic, we can say that Soccer fans all over the world are following very close. The last couple of years have been pretty good for Barcelona FC..........what will happen this coming season 2006-2007?..........will Ronaldinho & Barcelona perform excelent as last season? ......will Real Madrid be able to stop this winning streak and get away with the championship this coming year?. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

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