Jul 16, 2009

Welcome again to this blog

Well, it has been a long time that I have not written any posts on this blog. A lot of things happened during the last three years with soccer all over the world, and especially a lot of things have ocurred with Ronaldinho.

About 3-4 years ago, Ronaldinho used to be the best soccer player in the world, that was accepted by almost every soccer fan in the world back then.

But now, things have changed dramatically. Ronaldinho is not the best player in the world anymore. He is not playing with Barcelona FC anymore, he is now playing in Italy with AC Milan, and he is still to show his category.

He's had some good times and some good games with AC Milan, but not what everybody expected when he joined the team.

I´m not sure Ronaldinho will get to be the best soccer player ever again, perhaps his time has gone by to a point of no return. He´s still a good player, but nothing compared to the level he used to have.

I guess there is not much to tell about Ronaldinho these days. However, this blog is also about soccer in general, I guess I will have to write my new posts with topics related to soccer in general rather than posts related to Ronaldinho.

If I know something new about Ronaldinho, I will comment about it for sure. But there is not much to say right now, so let´s focus in soccer, where we have a lot of stuff to talk about.

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