Jul 18, 2009

Gold Cup: Honduras advances to semifinals

As we anticipated in a previous post, Honduras defeated Canada in the 1st match of the quarterfinals in Concacaf Gold Cup. The result was 1-0, so we not only anticipated that Honduras would win, but we also anticipated that the result was going to be 1-0.

Well, sometimes I think I'm able to see the future, but that's not necessarily the case on this result.

I figured that Honduras was the favorite team to win this game, and a result 1-0 was a very probable result for a game like this, it was not too hard to guess.

The game was very complicated for both teams, Honduras scored in the 1st half with a penalty kick, which I´m not sure it was really a foul in the play that generated that penalty kick. The play was very confusing.

Canada pushed a lot in the 2nd half to score, but they couldn´t be able to score. The last 5 minutes were very dramatic, Canada was very close to score but Honduras was able to keep the victory.

With this victory, Honduras advanced to the semifinals next week, and they will be playing against the winner of the other game later today between USA and Panama.

Chances are that Honduras will play against USA, I think USA will beat Panama in this other game. USA is the strongest team in the competition, and is the local team as well.

In soccer anything can happen. If Panama gets the victory against USA, it would be a big surprise, but it´s always a possibility. I don´t think Panama will win, but let´s wait to see what happens.

Good for Honduras, they will play the semifinal in Chicago's Soldier Field next week, on Thursday July 23rd. The most probable rival of Honduras will be USA.


  1. Anonymous4:22 AM

    CJ I totally agree with you, although the teams more or less evenly matched but Honduras always had an edge over Canada.

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    I think USA would test Honduras to all its limit both physically and mentally as well.

    I think it would be a great match what do you think?

  2. well Gold Cup is the great event, And all the soccer lovers enjoy this event, as well as the semi final is concern I agree with the above commented post! USA is a great team and has a lot of research work behind the scene, so some thing interesting could be expected.