Jul 17, 2009

Gold Cup: ready for the quarterfinals

We are ready for the start of the quarterfinal matches in the Concacaf Soccer Gold Cup. Tomorrow in Philadelphia we will have two very interesting games at Lincoln Financial Field.

The first game is Honduras vs Canada, the 2nd game is USA vs Panama.

Honduras and Canada are going to play the first game of this 2nd round in the Gold Cup. Canada won Group A with 7 points, and Honduras had the 2nd place in Group B with 6 points.

Both teams are very strong teams, this game will be very complicated. I don´t think we will have many goals, it could be a 1-0 game for all we know. We are not anticipating a lot of goals, but we also know that in a soccer game anything could happen.

There is not a clear favorite on this match, I guess we will have to wait until tomorrow for the game in order to know what will happen. Anyway, my forecast is Honduras will win, it´s just a hunch that I have.

In the other game, USA vs Panama, I think we all have a clear winner, and I guess most people think USA will beat Panama. I guess most people are right, USA will probably beat Panama.

But let´s not wait an easy rival on Panama, it´s going to be very complicated for USA, it won´t be that easy.

Panama is a very strong team, they have a pretty good defense, and USA will have to give their best effort in order to advance to the semifinals.

For the soccer fans in Philadelphia, it will be a very interesting day. It´s not every day that US team plays in that city, so this will be a very good opportunity for the fans to go and witness live this game.

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