Aug 5, 2006

Video Ronaldinho

A new section in my blog will be Video Ronaldinho. Since this site is about soccer, with a lot of emphasis on Ronaldinho, the best soccer player in the World, I thought I should include this new section in my blog. Every once in a while I will share with you videos about Ronaldinho, showing of course some very great plays. I hope you can enjoy some of his magic, tricks, dribbles, he is really incredible with the soccer ball.

This video in particular is about some of his best plays with FC Barcelona in 2005. Many of these plays had to do with being nominated player of the year in 2005. I guess everybody was expecting Ronaldinho to make similar plays in the World Cup, but he just couldn't make it this time. However, he is back with FC Barcelona and I'm sure we will witness similar plays in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy yourself these great plays. To watch this video just press the play button, is the one with the little triangle.

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