Aug 3, 2006

Ronaldinho and Barcelona ready to play again

It's been many weeks without having soccer games, after the World Cup last month, there has been like a break for soccer fans all over the world. However, all of us soccer fans are looking forward to upcoming games in the next few days. I guess it's been enough for a break, I even have a feeling like I'm starving or something like you have that feeling too?. Just kidding!. We're all ready to move on.

And do you know who is ready to play in the next few days?. Maybe you already know, but in case you don't, I will tell is FC Barcelona and Ronaldinho who are ready!. Yes, FC Barcelona is ready to play 3 matches in the next few days, it's a tour they have in USA. The first game will be next Sunday in Los Angeles, they will be playing against a Mexican team, Chivas from Guadalajara, which is the most popular soccer team in Mexico. Next game will be on Wednesday, in Houston, against another Mexican team, this time is America. And by the end of next week, on Saturday Aug/12, they will be playing in New York, against the Red Bulls, it's a team from the Major League Soccer in the USA, their coach is Bruce Arena, former US team coach, this will be his debut with the Red Bulls, and what a rival he will have!

I guess everybody is ready and really eager to see Barcelona and Ronaldinho playing again. I bet we're all asking ourselves how Ronaldinho will perform..........will he be back and perform great as he is used to? ........will he make his famous soccer tricks and dribbles again?. Or the bad performance he had in the World Cup will affect him?............will his famous girlfriend Alexandra Paressant go with him to USA on this tour? (I don't think so, but you never know!). All eyes will be on Ronaldinho. And that's not all, we will see many other soccer super stars in action. Let's not forget that many other famous players are with Barcelona: Messi (Argentina, many people say he is supposed to be the best soccer player of the World in the next few years), Eto'o (best African player), Thuram (France), Zambrotta (World Champion with Italy), Rafael Marquez (best Mexican player), and many others................what a team!.

Make sure to turn on your TVs this weekend and see those games, remember, beginning next Sunday, or if you live near these cities (Los Angeles, Houston, New York) maybe you can go to the stadium and enjoy in person!

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