Aug 1, 2006

Is Ronaldinho's girlfriend for real?

I've been looking at the latest news on this topic over the last few days, many people is talking about it. A few days ago there were some news about Ronaldinho's girlfriend making some statements and confessions about things she did with Ronaldinho during the World Cup, I even wrote a post in this blog about this a few days ago. Ronaldinho and his girlfriend were supposed to be spending long nights at the Hotel in Germany not necessarilly sleeping and resting, and that became like an explanation and justification of why Ronaldinho didn't perform as expected in the World Cup.

Well, it seems that this story is only the start of many rumors. Some journalists have taken the time to investigate further about this, and some of them have come up with the question if this Ronaldinho girlfriend is for real? .........does she even exists?. Up until now, all we've heard about this story is only in the news, but so far we have not listened what Ronaldinho has to say about it in his own words.

These investigative journalists even have the doubt about Alexandra Paressant even exists with that that name a real name? she a real super model?. With all these questions and investigations, I guess we are having so many rumors, and I'm not sure what is true or what is a fiction anymore.

Maybe in the next few days we will have Ronaldinho speak for himself and clearing things out. If you think about it, it seems not logical that Ronaldinho didn´t take care of himself during the most important soccer tournament in the World spending sleepless hours with his girlfriend, and also playing video games at the same time, it's really not logical, is it?

Anyway, so far I guess is up to each one of us to believe or not in what whe hear about this. In the meantime, let's stay tuned to see what happens.

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